Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Your Account at Agynbyte LLC

Q. Does Agynbyte need to have my email address on record before I register for online access through Caliber Portal?
A. Yes. Please request a “Resident Information Form” from service@agynbyte.com

Q. I want to access my account online.
A. Click here.

Q. I want to pay. How do I do that?
A. There are several ways to pay after you receive your introductory letter.

  1. Mail in a check with the coupons we sent you to Your Associationc/o Agynbyte LLC, PO BOX 52997, Phoenix, AZ 85072-2997.
  2. Set up ACH for a one-time payment or recurring payments. ACH is free for our clients.
  3. Arrange to have your bank mail a check that includes your NAME, the NAME OF YOUR ASSOCIATION, and your ACCOUNT NUMBER.
  4. Credit Card, but this is a more expensive choice. Credit card transactions are handled by a third-party and they charge an additional fee.

Q. Where is my introductory letter? I live in a community with an owners association and heard that Agynbyte LLC is now managing my association.
A. Agynbyte LLC prepares and mails an introductory letter to each owner with an unique account number, login instructions to our Owner Web Portal, and payment instructions. The letter should arrive about 10 days before we take over management. Owners with assessment payments due within 30 days will also receive payment coupons in the mail.

Q. Where are my login credentials?
A. Your registration credentials for Caliber Web are included in the introductory letter we mailed to you about ten days before we take over management at the mailing address we have for you on file. You will need your account number and an email address. You create your own login credentials. If you have previously registered but lost your credentials we can reset your account but we do not have access to your ID or your Password.

Q. How do I obtain resale disclosures from Agynbyte?
A. Go to our our Resales and Records link under our Contact Us tab.

Q. I sent a payment to the previous management company’s remit to address. Now I understand I should have sent it to Agynbyte LLC’s remit to address. What should I do?
A. The previous management company should promptly forward all payments to us. We will credit those payments to your account. Please check with your bank to see if your payment has cleared.

Q. I sent in my first payment to Agynbyte LLC late because I didn’t get payment instructions in time. Will I be assessed a late charge?
A. Your board of directors and management company understand that flexibility and good customer service are key to a smooth transition from your previous management company to Agynbyte LLC. Although we do many things to make sure that you can continue to make timely and complete assessment payments we understand that being flexible and understanding and providing good customer service will resolve most of these issues without assessing a late charge.

Q. I am an owner in an association managed by Agynbyte LLC but I haven’t received an introductory letter. What should I do?
A. If your ASSOCIATION IS A NEW CLIENT we typically mail an introductory letter at least 10 days before taking over management. If you didn’t receive a letter please Contact Us.

Q. How does Agynbyte LLC receive my new ownership information.
A. If you are A NEW OWNER (just bought your home) escrow should provide us proof of ownership, current contact information so we can send you an introductory letter, and money to make sure your account remains in good standing. If you bypassed escrow or you’ve been an owner for more than 15 days and haven’t heard from us, please contact us HERE.

Q. Why did my association hire Agynbyte LLC?
A. Agynbyte is an old name, with experienced professional staff. Each association will have its own reasons for hiring Agynbyte but we believe some of the reasons include our extraordinary managers, timely financial reporting, good judgment, communication skills, owners with roots in the industry going back to 1995, and our unparalleled ability to manage your community so you don’t have to.

Q. You gave me a 10-digit number to register at Caliber Web but it accepted only 9-digits. Should I be concerned?
A. No. The last digit is necessary for bank validation of your payments but not necessary for other transactions including Caliber registration. We provide only the 10-digit number in our introductory letter and on coupons to ensure that owners use the 10-digit number for bank payments.

Q. I’m trying to make an online payment and keep getting an error. What should I do?
A. The online payment system is through Mutual of Omaha’s partner website. If you have an existing account with a previous management company you can log in with those credentials and delete your previous profile. Or (a) try using a computer, not a smartphone, (b) use a different email address and create a new profile, (c) double-check you are using the correct account number, (d) try again in 24 hours, or, if you are still having problems after trying these things, (e) contact Mutual of Omaha’s customer service directly:

Mon-Fri 7am-7pm Central

Q. How can I change my personal contact information?
A. You can change your mailing address, telephone number, and email address by:

-Signing in at www.agynbyte.com and updating your account information online

-Completing the Resident Information Form and mailing it to Agynbyte LLC, 1800 136th Place NE #101, Bellevue, WA 98006

-Contacting us at (425) 747-0146, Monday through Friday between 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 PM PST

Q. If I need information on my account, who should I contact?
A. We encourage you to take advantage of the convenience of accessing your account information securely at www.agynbyte.com or you can email us at service@agynbyte.com. Both are available 24/7 for your convenience. If you have questions that cannot be answered online, or if you would simply prefer to speak to a representative, please contact us at (425) 747-0146

Q. What happens to the payment just made to your previous management company?
A. During the first thirty (30) days after the transfer date, your previous management company will forward any payments they receive to Agynbyte LLC, and we will apply the payment to your account. During this time, no late fees will be charged on any payments received by the previous management company on or before their due date.

Q. How do I make my assessment payment?
Agynbyte LLC offers several easy options for you to make your payment:

-Automatic withdrawal -This free, recurring, automatic service deducts your monthly payment from your checking or savings account between the 5th and the 10th each month. To enroll, simply go to www.agynbyte.com, and under Owners, select “Owner Login” and either register or log in. Or email us at service@agynbyte.com and ask for an ACH form.

-Credit Card. This is a more expensive choice. Credit card transactions are handled by a third-party and they charge an additional fee. Again, login to your account and select the Pay Now option. This is through Mutual of Omaha’s bank portal and is an expensive option for many owners – approximately $16/transaction.

-By paper check. Mail in a check with the coupons we sent you to Your Association c/o Agynbyte LLC, PO BOX 52997, Phoenix, AZ 85072-2997.

-Bill Pay. Use your bank’s payment service. Arrange to have your bank mail a check that includes your NAME, the NAME OF YOUR ASSOCIATION, and your ACCOUNT NUMBER. Make sure you update your payee information to Your Association c/o Agynbyte LLC, PO BOX 52997, Phoenix, AZ 85072-2997.

Q. Can I view my Account online?
Yes, once you have registered.

Q. Does Agynbyte LLC intend on updating this page?
A. We will update this page as we receive frequently asked questions.