What the Hay is AgynFest 2016?

Above and beyond the daily operation of our business, Agynbyte LLC is giving back to the community at AgynFest 2016. We’re raising money for a good cause.

Agynbyte is hosting an evening of music, food, and good company, and collecting money for the Washington CAI Chapter’s Legislation Action Committee (LAC) to help defray the LAC’s cost of advocating for good and against bad laws in Washington State.

Attendees will receive following the event a CD of live recorded music. So far over 75 people representing different classes of members, from associations to banks to reserve study specialists to auditors to management companies to law firms, are committed to attending, with proceeds exceeding $2,000 already committed to the LAC.

If you want to help the LAC directly, please contact the Washington Chapter of the Community Associations Institute (wscai.org). If you want to find out more about AgynFest 2016, please contact Brian P. McLean, president of Agynbyte LLC, at Brian.McLean@Agynbyte.com.